A Work in Progress

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Well. It’s been a while.

I just took advantage of a Cyber Monday special to get my hosting back into shape and re-register this domain. Philosoraptorgames.com is, if not in business exactly, at least back on the Web.

I don’t plan on doing much to publicize this site until I’m a bit closer to having something I think is commercially viable. (Although people keep telling me Fantasy Infinity is already there, it’s still not up to the standard I want it to meet.) But if you’ve somehow stumbled across it, feel free to look around and enjoy what’s here and even, if so inclined, throw me a comment. Just keep in mind that literally everything here should be considered in a draft state. That goes for both the game content and the Final Fantasy essays, which I want to make some serious revisions to and republish in some form. And for that matter, the site design itself. What you are looking at is in every way a work in progress.

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