Concept Art Previews 2

Jeff Concept Art, Fantasy Infinity Previews 2 Comments

Here is another piece from Sheldon Dawson, a candidate for the cover painting for the first Fantasy Infinity boxed set. This piece is crazier than a busload of giraffes, and had me grinning from ear to ear when I first received it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Concept Art Previews 1

Jeff Concept Art, Fantasy Infinity Previews 1 Comment

I’d like to preview just a few of the pieces of concept art that already exist for Fantasy Infinity. Thanks a million to Sheldon Dawson and George Freeman for their work on the project! Sheldon, in particular, was just getting started when he drew these, as you’ll see over the weeks and months to come.

Fantasy Infinity Logo

Jeff Fantasy Infinity Previews 1 Comment

Here’s a preview of the Fantasy Infinity logo, designed for Philosoraptor by Winnipeg’s Creative Studio. This is, of course, much lower-resolution than the “real” version, and I’m pretty sure the starfield background won’t be in the final release, which I have my own ideas about, visually. But for now, it makes a pretty spiffy background for a preview! Look for …