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It’s about time I got this blog back on track in terms of previewing Fantasy Infinity. So here’s the meatiest update on the game yet – the entire current version of the Character Creation chapter.

The text is complete and I just finished a minor editing pass, fixing one grammatical mistake and tightening up probably eight or nine sentences to convey the same information in fewer words. If this isn’t the final text that will appear in the playtest version, it’s damn close. The basic content is pretty much set in stone; if there are further changes, it’ll be a case of improved presentation of the same basic ideas.

trait icons

An example of the things that still need to change – these should appear (hopefully larger and higher quality) on pages 20 and 30-31.

The layout is presentable but by no means final. It still needs a few spot illustrations, which will make all the extra white space on certain pages, most glaringly 24 and 25, go away. With the illustrations and diagrams I’d ideally like it to include, the final version will probably be a few pages longer than this. This is, nevertheless, pretty close to what the playtest edition of this chapter will look like when it comes out on DriveThruRPG et al; there’s a few spreads, most obviously those currently making up pages 26-31, that I don’t expect to change much, except that I want to add big images of the trait icons on pages 30-31 (hopefully adding just enough vertical space to fill the gap between the main text and the box at the bottom of page 31).

Anyhow, enough of that; here’s the chapter (link should download a .pdf file):

2.0 Characters full chapter

Questions, comments, and corrections welcome as always.

By the way, a couple of previous posts contain material that might help you follow what’s in this one – the current character sheet, and the warrior’s Destiny Wheel, which a number of the examples refer to. Those should make a few things clearer, though I realize that at the moment the latter will raise more questions than it answers, mostly of the form “What does the ability _________ do, exactly?”. (A few of the answers are here, but many more have not yet been made public.)

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