Festival Season

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Since I see people are visiting this blog at a surprising clip even when I don’t add new posts (in particular, there was an unexpected spike late the week before last), I thought I’d put up a quick personal note for the benefit of these visitors.

I’ve been busy lately, with a sweltering, exhausting Winnipeg Folk Festival followed by a busy-as-usual Winnipeg Fringe (of which day 5 of 12 has just concluded). These are both longtime volunteer commitments for me – indeed, this was my 20th and 25th year volunteering for these events respectively, milestones I was not going to miss. There was also a job interview on the first day of the Fringe and a death in the family on the second.

The latter was not unexpected and really was as close as it gets to dying of old age; it was clearly her time. But of course, it still affects one’s stress level. (In my case, perhaps more via its effects on other people I care about than directly.)

So basically I’ve had a lot going on and perhaps a few less spoons than usual with which to make it all happen. Thus, no substantial updates here in longer than I’d like. This state of affairs won’t continue much longer, though.

The next substantive entry will likely be the character creation chapter of Fantasy Infinity. That will bring us back to the main original purpose of this blog with the meatiest preview yet. But, I want to go back over it first as I’ve changed a few layout things and want to make sure that didn’t break anything. (And maybe finally add that colour bar.) That’ll go up whenever I’ve got time, hopefully before the Fringe is over but if not, then certainly on the day after it ends (the 27th).

A third instalment of Crystal Memories will likely be next. My plan, if it can be called that, for what to include in this one has not changed since I outlined it at the end of part 2.

So that’s the short-term future of this blog in a nutshell. Thanks for reading, and let’s hear from some more of you!

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