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A quick note on comments. This is in addition to the main thing I’ve been saying about them, which is “I’d really like it if more people were making them”.

The way things are currently set up, your FIRST comment will be held for moderation until I approve it manually. Therefore, it may not appear for a few hours depending what I happen to be doing that day.

If you want to improve the odds of this comment being posted, rather than deleted as spam, make sure it responds to the substance of the post you’re adding it to, or at least is specifically about Philosoraptor or Fantasy Infinity or a clearly-related subject such as a Final Fantasy game mentioned in the post.

Any comment from a first-time commenter that contains nothing but vaguely worded praise will be assumed to be spam and deleted, as this is a very common spammer tactic. (This rule is pretty strict regardless, but especially so if your username is in a language other than English, as I’ve been seeing a lot of spam from usernames that appear to be in Arabic.)

Any comments you make after your first one should appear immediately, provided I approved the first one and the later ones contain at most two links. (More links will cause that specific comment to go into the moderation queue, but should not otherwise affect your ability to post.)

I also have the ability to edit or delete any comment after it appears, whether I wrote it or not. So far I haven’t used it, save for minor corrections to my own comments. But, y’know, I reserve the right and all that, so play nice.

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