The Real First Printing

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Just a quick blog post to note that the Fantasy Infinity project has reached an important milestone: The first physical copies of the game now exist.

I took the files as they currently exist, did quick mockups of the covers (which actually turned out pretty well considering I’m not a graphic designer – one can be seen above), and took the lot to a local printer. The result was two copies each of the main two rulebooks as they currently exist – one set to mark up with the changes that are still needed, the other to keep pristine and document where the game is now. The latter is mostly for my future personal curiosity but it could also come in handy in the (unlikely, I hope!) case that there’s a copyright challenge or something.

I’m really stoked about this. It felt amazing to actually hold the first physical copies of the game in my hand. I tried to take some pictures of them but they didn’t turn out; I’ll update this post when I have some decent ones.

So, that is a thing that happened.

The next step is to do a bunch of edits and corrections on that, which I’m well into planning out. And as soon after that as I can hook up with someone with better marketing chops than myself, will come something even more exciting – the public debut of the full rules for Fantasy Infinity. Look forward to it!

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