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Welcome to the official Web site of Philosoraptor Game Studio! A newly established tabletop game publisher located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Philosoraptor’s first project will be the Fantasy Infinity role-playing game.

Starting out as a love-letter to the Final Fantasy series and certain other console and computer RPGs, Fantasy Infinity has since evolved into a truly unique tabletop game, albeit one that contains many references to these and other influences. A heady mixture of the familiar and the innovative, Fantasy Infinity brings traditional role-playing game elements together with the look, feel and a few of the mechanics of a Eurogame to create an engine for fast-paced, exciting adventures across your favorite fantasy setting or our own unique setting, the Mobius-strip-shaped steampunk world of Aperion.

Watch this space for previews of both the game rules and the art and graphic design, as we gear up for our forthcoming Kickstarter campaign!

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