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(Actually, it’s more like 6.0.)

I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I do when picking up a new RPG is look at the character sheet. Very few things can tell you more about a system in such a small space. Plus, some of them are just plain cool in their own right.

That’s one reason why, way back when, the character sheet was the first substantive game-mechanical thing I posted. Well, shortly after doing that, I recruited the help of graphic designer – and fellow local gamer and Final Fantasy enthusiast – David Alleyn and he has since improved it dramatically.  As you can see, it’s much more professional now, and the changes I said I wanted in the earlier post have been implemented.

character sheet frontI also hinted back then that the traditional full-size format wasn’t going to be the only available style of character sheet. In fact, it’s not even the default.

This is meant to be printed two-sided, ideally on something heavier than standard printer paper, then cut along the dotted line in the middle. This turns it into two cards with roughly the same half-size footprint as the rulebooks, though in landscape instead of portrait. The top half becomes your general-purpose Character Card, and the bottom half becomes a Combat Card for use during battles. (I say “a” combat card because some characters may call for more than one.) The game is set up so that, at any given time, all the information you’re most likely to need is on one and only one of these cards, so you’ll generally keep them in a little stack in front of you with the currently-relevant one on topcharacter sheet back. It saves space and is kind of a fun extra touch once you’re used to it.

This was inspired by using the L and R buttons (“bumpers” in current parlance, I think) to scroll between characters in certain Japanese games I could mention. But like a lot of things in this game that had similar starting points, somewhere along the line it turned into a uniquely Fantasy Infinity touch.

I think I’ll leave off there as I think David’s work largely speaks for itself. As usual, you can grab a .pdf from the link below to see this as it’s intended to be seen.

Character Sheet V6

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  1. The J in TJAster

    I like that you don’t have to look at too much at one time. For newbie gamers like me, it makes all of the info much less overwhelming.

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