Core Rulebook Intro

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Writing an introduction to this post would be kind of redundant, considering it is itself an introduction.

So let’s cut right to the chase. Here’s the intro to the Core Rulebook as it currently stands.

0.0 Core Rulebook Intro

This should give a pretty good idea of what the playtest document will be like as well as explaining, in more detail than I’ve done on this site to date, the overall scope of the project.

It also has the obligatory “What is an RPG?” section and actually, I’m particularly interested in hearing about how that works for people. This is especially true for people new to or relatively inexperienced in the RPG hobby. If you’re thinking “Well, I don’t know much about these games so I should probably button up”, actually the exact opposite is true; the people thinking that are the ones I most want to hear from, especially on this particular section!

If you’ve got something to say about that, or any other Fantasy Infinity related topic for that matter, comment! I know it’s only my Facebook friend list that’s likely to know about this site at this stage, but I’d like it to have enough activity here for it to feel like a community when I start publicizing this more widely. Help me make that happen!


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