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So earlier today, I finally got finished with the (preliminary, good-enough-for-the-playtest-edition) layout for chapter 2 of the Character Reference. That brings that book up to 97 pages. 50 of those half-size pages consist of ability descriptions, covering 211 abilities in all. That’s a lot of options for building unique characters; I can think of RPGs that use twice the space to accomplish less!

Here’s a .pdf of six of those pages, ending with probably the single ability that I’ve had the most people see the name of and go “I want to know what the heck that one does”. Let me know what you think!

Ability Descriptions – 6 page sample

(You’ll notice the Character Reference has a blue colour scheme, in contrast to the Core Rulebook‘s dark red. This is planned to extend to the covers, and other graphical elements I hope to add in the print version. I figure people will probably take to calling them the “red book” and the “blue book”.)

I think I’ll be posting something about the Aperion setting later in the week, though I haven’t decided exactly what yet. If anyone’s got any questions about that aspect of the game, ask them in a comment and I’ll try to do the next post in a way that answers them!

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