Fantasy Infinity


The Fantasy Infinity role-playing game seeks to bring the fast pace and visual appeal of console gaming into a tabletop (“pen-and-paper”) role-playing game, without sacrificing the unique advantages of the traditional tabletop style. As in any other pen-and-paper RPG, your characters can do anything you can imagine real people doing in the same situation – not just what some programmer thought of! But as in the console games, the battles they fight along the way take minutes, not hours.

Part love-letter to your favorite Japanese console RPGs, part Eurogame-inspired re-imagining of the traditional tabletop RPG, but from a 100% Canadian creative team, Fantasy Infinity’s blend of the familiar and the innovative will appeal to anyone with a love of fantasy and an active imagination. Whether you’re new to tabletop gaming or a veteran of numerous previous campaigns, Fantasy Infinity offers a unique role-playing engine that will power your adventures across its own setting – the Mobius-strip world of Aperion – or your favorite fantasy setting.

Fantasy Infinity is currently in playtesting and coming to Kickstarter soon – check this space for announcements! Meanwhile, you can find previews in Would You Like To Save Your Progress?, the official Philosoraptor blog.

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